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Posted Tue, Jul 25, 2023 by KU Crew

More important news! We are forming a non-profit corporation to serve as a booster organization for the KU Crew. It will be called The 77 after the year the club was founded.

Image of Amish barn raising.

How can I help?
Photo by Randy Fath.

2023 Fundrasing is up and running!
Until The 77 comes online, please donate here
KU Crew Club Endowment.

Benefits of The 77

More Flexibility.

Tax Exemption.

And perhaps most importantly,

More engagement and involvement for Alumni and Friend of the KU Crew. Such as planning of social events, fan support at regattas, and a more vibrant community network.

There is a provisional board of directors in place comprised of volunteers who have come forward to make this happen. There will be more information about how to become a booster coming soon. In the meantime we going forward with our fundraising and you can donate here KU Crew Club Endowment.